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Centre d'Infectiologie

Bâtiment DOMILYON (2ème étage)

321 avenue Jean Jaurès

69007 LYON



François MARTIN, Infectious Diseases Center Manager

Ludovic Dolt, industrial maintenance technician

Marie-Claire Gallet, laboratory technical and logistic helper



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François MARTIN

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Isabelle Scarabin

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As part of the opening of the first phase of the Infectious Diseases Center, Lyonbiopole launched in January 2009 a Rhône-Alpes’ young artists competition on “The fighting Viruses”. Eighteen proposals were in the running. A jury of art and research professionals selected the Fighting viruses painting on March 17th 2009.

The winners were Victor Poichot and Vincent ALEXANDRE. They, therefore, reproduced their work on a giant canvas which now covers the wall of 13.80m/2.46m of the entrance of the

Infectious Diseases Center. With this contest, Lyonbiopole introduces a new action under the Art and Research theme and launches as well, beyond its public health mission, a social and educational mission towards young artists.


Graphic design done by Victor Poichot and Vincent Alexandre of the NBARTWORK  association


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FOCUS special edition on Infectious Disease Center (June 2009)